New crops of leaders must be intentionally trained using the C.I.A. Model: Character, Intentionality and accountability. Envision provides bespoke leadership skills needed to transform the politics, economics, media, entertainment and leadership in all nations of the world. Young people are not just trained but given the opportunity to lead through The Boys’ Project Nigeria initiative. They lead the change we all desire to see.

Interactive workshop and seminars are planned to allow the participants the opportunity to engage in activities designed to propel innate leadership potentials find outright expression. Keynote speakers will inspire young people with their personal stories about overcoming obstacles, building a vision and what true success truly means.

Envision breaks the limit

Age 9-17 is a critical window to train boys to emerge a better man. The boy child must be intentionally raised to be courageous, caring committed and value the female gender. The boy child must:

  • Be engaged, empowered and educated
  • Excel in school and pursue active learning
  • Understand positive masculinity and gender respect
  • Exemplify purpose driven manhood
  • Live a crime, cult and drug free life
  • Be trained and mentored boys to be a gentle man

Envision leadership for boys, better father conferences, boys advocacy and policy issues are part of our focus in helping boys become men. We must all intentionally raise a new breed of great men

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