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Men are created to cherish, protect, nourish his relationship and accomplish a worthy purpose whether at home or at work, men want to love and to be loved.

When pressure confronts a man in his relationship and he has no coping mechanism, he resorts to aggression, violence, addiction, abuse and alcohol .No man starts out life to fail as a son, husband, father, In-law or ends up less of a man. However, today, many men are frustrated in relationship and struggling with life purposes. The catalyst men network int’l 

provides the “manosphere” for masculinity, focusing on the male strength, the need for heroic deeds taking personal responsibility and defending, honouring and protecting positive values. We help man recover from dysfunctional masculinity and channel the boy child energy towards becoming a great man.

The catalyst men networks is a not for profit organization duly registered by the government. 

Dayo Adeyemi

Dayo Adeyemi is a Men's Coach, Counsellor and Convener of The Catalyst Men Network, Lagos and The President, MADAM - Men Against Domestic Abuse in Marriages, an NGO partnering with men to prevent marital  violence and promotion of peace in the home front. He organizes The National Men Conference in Nigeria, The Boys' Club Project (9-17 years old boys) and The Catalyst Institute. A passionate teacher, speaker, writer and family man, Dayo is committed to transforming the nations one man at a time. He speaks on the Radio and writes for Discovery Man. He is available as Speaker and Men Resource person  


We provide the platform where men and young boys in all nations become catalysts for community transformation.


Raising men…Transforming nations


  • G - Generation
  • R - Real
  • E - Exemplary
  • A- Available
  • T - Thriving

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